fun, fun, fun (both sarcastic and not)

It seems really, really crazy to me that I’m about 2 seconds pregnant and already I’m having trouble buttoning my jeans. They’re very uncomfortable. I haven’t gained any weight (in fact, I’ve lost a few pounds since finding out) but still am noticing a change. I guess baby #3 wastes no time making its mark.

Subject change.

Cate has been bothering us all week to eat at “Rooters.” Don’t know what that it? It’s Hooters. Last Friday we ran some errands then were on our way to eat at Cracker Barrel, Cate’s favorite restaurant. Chris was picking on her, telling her that we were going to go to Hooters instead. She’s never been there, but the threat of something other than Cracker Barrell got her in a tizzy. Fast forward to the next day. While out running errands again, Cate began begging to eat at Rooters. We didn’t take her, and she hasn’t quit asking. Do we take her and satisfy her curiousity? I don’t really want to (even as much as I enjoy their wings.) Kids.

Subject change again.

Meg has really been expanding her vocabulary. She’s always been a bit behind in her speech, but has been making progress so we’ve not had a real reason to worry. Now it seems she’s making up for lost time and is able to express herself much more clearly. (She came up to me as I was typing this and told me “wet” and pointed to her shirt. It was indeed wet. Then she said “Tate wa wa,” meaning Cate’s water. Next came “cup.” I was able to put together that she played with Cate’s water cup and spilled it. Not perfect, but I got what she was trying to tell me.) Her favorite set of words has to do with her “Dada.” Anytime Cate or I refer to Chris Meg informs us that “Dada. Ha. N Boots!” or Daddy wears a hat and boots (his uniform.)

It’s so much fun to see how all the children are growing (though I’m a little less thrilled with #3’s growth at the moment.) They surely must be in the best stages right now. I’m having a blast.

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One Response to fun, fun, fun (both sarcastic and not)

  1. Amy says:

    seriously the day i POAS with Collin was the day i broke out the maternity clothes

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