celebrating fall

Chris is going to be out of town for most of the next two weeks (San Antonio this week, Orlando next week. Poor thing, huh?) Since he’s going to be gone, we decided to fit in some fall fun this weekend.

On Saturday we went to a pumpkin patch and corn maze near here. We didn’t actually go through the adult corn maze because the shortest of the two mazes was 1.6 miles, and we didn’t bring a stroller or wagon. There was no way they’d be able to walk the whole way (particularly Meg), and I sure wasn’t looking to carry them. Instead, we took a hay ride, picked out some pumpkins, and played on the playground.

Sweet Meg

Meg in a tire swing.

The neatest thing they had was the merry-go-cycle. Cate could pedal, pedal, pedal to her heart’s content, and never had to worry about bumping into anything. How I wish we could afford one of these for our backyard!




While we didn’t do the regular maze, we did go through their kids grass maze. We had to walk across a large field to get there. Does this picture remind anyone else of the beginning of Little House on the Prairie? (You know, where Laura is tumbling down the hill.)

Little Cate on the Prairie


Cate and Meg enjoyed walking through the maze. Wherever there was a corn stalk lying over the path, Meg would bend over and try to move it out of the way.

Kids Corn Maze


I didn’t pack a picnic lunch as I’d originally intended, so on the way home, we stopped and ate at Cane’s. Cane’s started in Baton Rouge, right next to LSU, but thankfully they’ve expanded, and we have one near us. I would miss it so much if I couldn’t get my fix occassionally! As the treat in the kids meal, they give stickers. Cate dedided to use all of them on the rest of the ride home.



Today, we carved the pumpkins we picked. Last year Cate insisted on a sad “pokin.” This year, she wanted a happy pumpkin with triangle eyes. Hers is the one all the way on the left.


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2 Responses to celebrating fall

  1. Jamie says:

    We never did make it to that pumpkin patch while we lived there and I’ve never eaten at Cane’s either. Is it like Popeyes? I love the pic of the stickers all over Cate!

  2. Emily says:

    What a great post! And oh, Canes! I miss it so much.

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