08/08/08 = my unlucky day

I’m ready for Chris to come home and this day to be over. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • The air-conditioner conked out sometime in the middle of the night. Biloxi’s August heat without the aid of temperature control is miserable. (It’s fixed now, but it was not fun earlier today.)
  • The door fell off the laundry closet.
  • Cate smashed a glass Christmas ornament she found.
  • Mavis has been sick. Something has come out of one end or the other no less than 6 times today.
  • I didn’t see one of the piles until the girls tipped over a waiting-to-be-folded basket of clean diapers into it. Back into the wash they went.
  • The internet broke. It told us we hadn’t finished the registration process while I was in the middle of doing my daily rounds. Um, hello?! We’ve had service for over a year…
  • Cate is telling me that her “tummy hurts.”
  • Chris’ flight doesn’t land until 9:45. I’m going to want to be in bed at that time. It’s a good thing I’m so fond of him, or he’d be takin’ a cab! (No, I wouldn’t actually make him do that.)

I’m hoping, but not hopeful, that the bad part of today is over.

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3 Responses to 08/08/08 = my unlucky day

  1. Jenn says:

    Girl ok how did you make it in Aug with no A/C? Kinda makes you wonder how we got married at this time of year, huh? Oh and I hope the glass ornament didn’t hurt anyone, that’s the worst. It’s 9:05p I hope your day is better and I’m sure in 40min if it isn’t it will start to be awesome. Love ya! Hang in there, Chris is comin’ home 🙂

  2. Jamie says:

    Ugh, sounds miserable! Hope it perked up for you!

  3. Ryan says:

    Don Most, who played Ralph Malph on Happy Days, was born on August 8th

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