matchy misty morning

Matchy Misty Morning

I was upset when I pulled this off the computer a few minutes ago. As much as I tried to keep the lens clear, it kept clouding up. (The temperature & humidity change from inside to outside was too much for it to handle.

Then I realized that the fuzziness adds to the reality of the moment. It was hot and humid as all get-out. (For those who know what it is w’re already at black flag on the wet bulb globe test, so says the announcement over loudspeaker – and it’s 8 am!) We were only outside to let the dog out.

Don’t ya just love their PJ’s? They are the same print, but different styles. I love making them match. It must be some kind of sickness, but if it is, I’m not the only one that has it. My mom and my sister-in-law, Rachel, also buy them tons of matching clothing. In fact, I think I’m going to dress them alike today.

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One Response to matchy misty morning

  1. Ms. W says:

    Oh, Erica, I have the sickness too! I’m constantly matching my girls. In fact, my oldest (who will be seven next week) still likes to match her little sister.

    But, beware of hand-me downs. Meg will be wearing the same outfit TWICE! I first noticed at age three when my little one was pictured in a matching hand-me down from Elisan. It was truly a lightbulb moment – realizing “Oh My… Kyla will never get a “new look” of her own if I keep matching them!”

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