which would you choose?

So, it’s been almost 11 months since I’ve had my hair cut. Not a cut, not a trim – nada. I’d decided I wanted to grow it out, but I’ve recently rethought and decided it’s time to cut it again. I’ve narrowed it down to two different styles:


(I’m thinking closer to the length of the Meg Ryan shot #1, but layers and bangs like #2)

The Katie Holmes haircut is quite close to what I’ve had for a good portion in my life, and I really like it. However, I’m thinking that maybe it’s time to change it up a little bit? I think the Meg Ryan hair would be fun, and I’ve always thought of cutting my hair like that, just never have?

What do you think?

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5 Responses to which would you choose?

  1. Jenn says:

    As a hair person myself, I think you could totally pull off either. Your face is a perfect shape for so many diff cuts. I like the bangs but only if they were sweepy bangs. Those look good on you. The layers are great because your hair is so thick you can afford to cut layers into it and it should take care of itself there with a little bit of product (if you feel like it). Overall they are both adorable cuts. I very partial to short hair (you know me) so I think either would be a fabulous choice. Can’t wait to see pics.

    P.S. If I went without getting my hair cut for almost a year (I think I have trying to get long hair for the wedding) I would have the worst hair headaches! Do you get those? Your hair is thicker than mine.

  2. cassandra sagan webb says:

    I say go for something different! I like the Meg Ryan swoopy bangs and layers on top. Go for it! šŸ™‚

  3. Ms. W says:

    Erica, I’ve had a cut like Meg Ryan’s before and my problem with it was that I had too much natural curl/body (underneathe) and it would never lay right. I think if you don’t have any natural curl (but a tad bit of body) you could pull it off. The Katie Holmes hair is cute. That could be your first try, then in a month of two, go for the Meg Ryan hair cut.

    I haven’t had a hair cut since November. I’m totally due for a cut, but I’m keeping my hair longish. I see photos of my with various hair styles and I always like the ones when I have longer hair.

  4. Jamie says:

    Oooh I think it would look great on you. My hair is too fine to get much out of doing something like that.

  5. The Andersen Family says:

    I would agree with the comment about natural curls making the Meg Ryan look not work! My hair has a lot of natural curl and there are a lot of styles that don’t work with it!

    I think both looks are pretty, but if you’ve always wanted the Meg Ryan look I say go for it! šŸ™‚


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