sweet baby

Sometimes things work out just as you’ve planned for them to. Take this quilt for example.

Meg's Quilt

I made it for Meg while I was pregnant with her. I hoped that she would love to sleep with it, and really grow attached to it eventually. I figured that wouldn’t likely happen, though. Kids rarely ever do what you’d love for them to.

A while ago it was time for Meg to nap, and it was chilly in the house. She had on only a onesie; I decided to get the quilt out of the closet and cover her with it. Since then, she’s wanted it every time she goes to sleep. We put her in her crib awake, and lay the quilt over her. She grabs it, lays on her stomach, and wraps it around herself. It might just be the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen.

Then again, Meg is just a sweet, sweet, child. She’s so affectionate, and not just with people. For her birthday we bought her a doll. “Little Mommy” is already surfacing in her.

Meal Time

Yes, she’s trying to feed the doll (who is named Ramona, by the way.)

After the Ramona finished eating, she wanted to make sure to give her a snuggle.

Baby Kiss

Remember I said she’s not just affectionate with people? It isn’t limited to “cuddly” objects either. I can say, “Aw, sweet baby,” to her and she’ll stop whatever it is she’s doing and cuddle the closest thing. This time, she was crawling, and so she snuggled herself up against the floor.

Floor Cuddle

This type of behavior is not unusual for her. Like I said, she’s extremely sweet and affectionate, and I just love it. Yesterday in the store, she was sitting in the cart puckering her lips out as far as she could, demanding kiss after kiss. Cate, once she could get around on her own, wanted no part of being still to give kisses or hugs, so I’m really enjoying this.

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3 Responses to sweet baby

  1. cassandra sagan webb says:

    What a blessing to have a sweet, loving child. Enjoy all those Meg snuggles 🙂

  2. Jamie says:

    That’s a beautiful quilt! I’m so glad she seems to like it! She is such a sweet girl and so cute.

  3. Jenn says:

    This is the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard and/or seen. I’m so glad she loves the quilt too. I can only imagine how many hours that took to make.

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