evel "megnievel"

Meg is proving herself to be quite the little daredevil. I’m dreading the days to come, but for now I find it a bit amusing.

Today I knew she was up to no good, so I watched what she was doing.

She climbed onto the chair and stood.

Oh Yes, I Climb

Once she saw I was watching, she knew she needed to get down.

Getting Down

She managed to get down with no problems.

I'm Down Now

While I just shook my head, Cate seemed shocked by Meg’s abilities.


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2 Responses to evel "megnievel"

  1. cassandra sagan webb says:

    LoL, you can tell in that 2nd photos that she KNOWS she’s busted! 🙂

  2. Ms. W says:

    I love Cate’s spectator picture. Surely you posed her for that, right?

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