precocious children are both a blessing and a curse

Meg is barely walking…and now…she’s…climbing.

Give me a break! I thought Cate was a monkey, but she at least waited until she could walk well. Meg also tried to take off her diaper already, but that’s a different post.

Last night, as both Chris and I watched, Meg pushed a ride-on toy up to the couch, climbed onto it, then used that to boost herself onto the couch. I sat there with my mouth agape.

Then I felt like crying.

How can I end up with two children who can undo cabinet latches. (Yes, Meg has figured out the cabinet latch under the sink.) The only thing I can do is attach a second latch that they don’t have the strength to open. Cate does know how it works, though.

Oh, and Meg has started throwing tantrums. She’ll get mad (about not being able to play with her toothbrush) and when I go to pick her up, she goes completely limp; it’s like trying to hold an 18 lb. sack of potatoes.

I often think of these girls in terms of song from The Sound of Music albeit with modified lyrics: “Somewhere in my youth or childhood I must’ve done something _____.” (Replace the final word with one that is situationally appropriate. Trust me, I ain’t using the original word, “good,” most days.)

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One Response to precocious children are both a blessing and a curse

  1. cassandra sagan webb says:

    Awww, Erica. Maybe it won’t be that bad…God help us, though, if Meg start ripping off her diapers!!

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