They’ve been building all new housing here at our base, mostly due to a little storm you might remember back in 2005. Only recently has some of the housing been completed, and now people are moving in. This is great for the people who are getting new housing, but for those of us left in the old housing….well, things are starting to feel weird.

In the last week, they’ve told all of the enlisted population that they’ll be moving to new housing in two weeks. Also in the last week, they’ve erected ugly metal fencing to enclose the area where they’ll be doing new construction. We’re nearly surrounded by fencing now; there’s only one road of out this area. Now, to make matters worse, they’re going to be turning the gas off today. They may not be around to get the hot water heaters going again until tomorrow morning!

So think of me today and tomorrow when you’re cooking and showering with all the lovely gas and hot water you have. I’ll be sitting here. Fenced in. In a half-empty neighborhood. With no gas.

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4 Responses to housing

  1. Jenn says:

    I know it seems bad but try doing that for a week or two ,with one little one and a new baby ! I really feel bad for moms with 5-6 kids doing it. Well try to have a good day , maybe they won’t take as long as you think .

  2. Jamie says:

    Uh, what a pain! Those new houses are sooo nice! We found one where the garage was open and the doors were unlocked (vacant) so we snuck in. I wish we could take THAT house with us to Iowa! Military sure knows how to make STORAGE space for us that’s for sure!

  3. cassandra sagan webb says:


  4. momquixote says:

    Ugh. No hot water?!? Madness!

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