pantry organzation project

My pantry had gotten out of control recently. I had too many unstackable, half-full packages and not enough space or any effective way to deal with them. I knew I needed to go and buy containers to store things in, but the cost! I would have had to spend a bundle to get enough plastic storage containers to organize everything, and aside from that, I am a little wary of plastic after reading through a lot of information lately. (Despite that, I’m keeping the things that were already stored in plastic in their containers, at least until I find something better.)

This weekend when I saw something about using mason jars for storage, I thought it was a great solution for me. I got half of the pantry done when I ran out of jars and time (Meg woke up from her nap.)

Here is a photo of what I have done so far:

Half Organized

I really think the jars are going to work out wonderfully. Not only am I able to store things like beans and rice, but I can also store snacks like raisins and crackers to keep them fresher than they would remain in an open box.

The Best

Now, the task remains to get another set of jars and organze the rest of the pantry. Blah. My only consolation is that another dozen jars will cost me less than $10, and I come out with a pretty pantry. Much better than the mess below…

The Rest

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3 Responses to pantry organzation project

  1. Jamie says:

    What a good idea! They seem like they take up less room than plastic containers too. I may have to keep this in mind in our new house as we won’t have a ‘pantry’.

  2. momquixote says:

    Nice job! I really need to work on my pantry, too. And the refrigerator!

  3. Jenn says:

    OOOOO I love the mason jars! They are so pretty! You want to come help me with mine. I don’t even have a pantry which of course makes matters worse. Great job!

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