Jazz Fest 2008

Thanks to the generosity of my in-laws, we all got to go to Jazz Fest yesterday. I couldn’t pick my favorite photos, so I’m going to overload your senses and give you a whole bunch of them.

(Sorry, this post will be boring for everyone except the grandmother’s, I’m sure.)

First, I wanted to show our stroller – we get so many compliments on it! Its a Joovy Caboose, and it’s perfect for 2 kids with the age split we have (2 years almost exactly.) Cate can either sit or stand on the back. I find it much more convenient than a traditional double stroller would be.

Joovy Stroller

Meg loves to play with bottles, cups, or any other type of drink you have. There’s not much that thrills her more than getting to shake up a soda.



She’s holding a Big Shot pineapple soda. Don’t worry, we would never let her drink it; she was holding it when we were finished with it.

To protect our whiter-than-white selves from the sun, I made sure we were coated in sunscreen regularly and everyone had a hats and/or sunglasses. Even so, the girls got a little pink still. We did our best to protect, though!


Hello Hollywood



Sally didn’t want her picture taken, but I did it anyway. Here are the two Sally’s together.

Sally Squared

Cate loved Sally’s multi-colored nails.

It seems that Chris’ dad falls asleep no matter where we are or what we’re doing. Almost every set of pictures from a family event includes one of him sleeping.

Santana Makes me Sleepy

I’m pretty sure Santana was playing during this shot.

The girls did amazingly well. We even got a few compliments from some strangers who were sitting next to us about their behavior throughout the day. They got cranky at about 5:00, and we left not long after, but for being in the heat, sun, and crowds all day, they did wonderfully.



Hi Nana

Isn’t the bracelet she’s wearing pretty? Sally made it for her – I’m impressed!

Meg loves wearing sunglasses, though she’ll only keep them on for a short bit. Check out all those teeth! She’s got eight now.

The Meg

I’m not sure why I love this picture of Chris so much; maybe it’s because I get this sort of confused and possibly annoyed look a lot from him. What can I say? I’m annoying. I admit it.

My Love


I wasn’t sure I even got any sun yesterday until I looked at my feet. Flip flop lines are famers’ tans for the feet.

I Did Get a Tan

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3 Responses to Jazz Fest 2008

  1. Jamie says:

    Looks like you guys had a great time! Meg looks adorable in her sunglasses! And that stroller does look cool!

  2. Jenn says:

    What cute feet you have! I got the same thing on mine, LOL! Looks like yall had a good time. My fav pics were the ones of the girls with the striped sunglasses on. What beauties they were.

  3. Megan@SortaCrunchy says:

    OH! Your girls are so LOVELY. What a fun day this looks like it was.

    I wear flip-flops pretty much year ’round and have permanent farmer tan feet. 😉

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