crawfish boil

Half-Eaten Plate

Mmm…I wish I could have more.

Yesterday Chris’ office held a crawfish boil at Marina Park. The weather was gorgeous and we all had a good time. The girls, although it was during nap time, did pretty well for all four hours we were there!

Cate refused to eat a crawfish, even when they were peeled for her. She did pick one up a time finally. She was scared of them, especially the live ones!

At least she TOUCHED one...

At one point, one of Chris’ co-workers was playing with Cate, and they found a live crawfish in the grass that had crawled away. Since we were right next to the bay, he took Cate to go liberate the crawfish. A few minutes after that, she found the head half of a cooked and eaten crawfish; I was watching her as she thought for a moment, and started trucking to the bay to put it in the water. I had to stop her and explain that this one, sadly, could not be saved.

Meg was very interested in the crawfish and tried her best to get a hold of one. Below is a picture where she finally managed to swipe one. I let her play with it for a minute. She was sucking on the head, and all was fine; then she put the tail in her mouth and bit down. Spicy juice flowed into her mouth and she was mad! I can only imagine that must have hurt her poor, sensitive tongue! I only wish I’d thought all that through before I let her chew on one.

Very Interested

We’ve been spending so much time outside recently. I’ve been remembering to put sunscreen on the girls, but for some reason, I never get around to coating myself. Because of that, I’ve got more a tan than I’ve had in years (which is not saying much).

Today promises to be another outdoor day as the weather is beautiful and it’s “Child Pride Day”. The base is having a huge function for kids at Marina Park, with goodies, jumping castles, slides, and of course, the playground. We only have to wait for Chris to wake up. I guess we could be waiting for quite a while…

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5 Responses to crawfish boil

  1. Ms. W says:

    Oh YUM!

    Crawfish is not readily available here in Austin… Of course, you can order them at restaurants for FORTUNE.

    My folks live smack in the middle of crawfish country so when we visit during crawfish season, I love to have them.

  2. Jamie says:

    Ugh, why is it I never know about these kid days on base! What a bummer!

    I have to say that we are not crawfish fans. We watched part of the news last night and saw the Crawfish Fest. Yuck…I don’t see how you guys can eat those things, but more power to ya;)

    I love the pics, as usual. Cute kiddies!

  3. cassandrasaganwebb. says:

    Meg is brave! Your sweet, little Louisiana baby 🙂

  4. Something's Gotta Give says:

    SO. CUTE!!!

  5. Something's Gotta Give says:

    SO. CUTE!!!

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