first beach trip of ’08

This afternoon, Meg was napping and I was bored, so I decided to take Cate to the beach. I knew she wasn’t actually going to take a nap, so I might as well make the day fun.

We got to the beach and it was packed! There was some sort of boat race going on, so there was speedboats on the water with helicopters following them. While Cate was excited about that, the water was really the main attraction.

First Beach Trip of '08

I had so much fun spending time alone with her. Since having Meg, I’ve realized how much I miss Cate. It used to be just she and I alone all day long.

Meg, being a baby, needs lots and lots of attention. It’s easy to focus less on Cate because she can take care of so many of her needs herself, and so sometimes I feel like I’m constantly asking her to wait; to be patient. She usually is wonderful about it, but there is that twinge of guilt.

It’s so wonderful when I’ve got time just for me and her. I get to hold her, or talk to her without distraction. Today, I got to play with her in the water. As I watched, I realized how big she’s getting. She doesn’t even seem so much like a toddler anymore. She’s almost 3 – goodness gracious! (As Cate likes to say.)

I only managed to get Cate to agree to leave the beach by promising her a cupcake. I know, I’m terrible, right? I just wanted her to be happy and make it a fun experience. I didn’t want it to end in tears. The cupcake worked. She was only mildly upset when we left.

One final point of interest – as we were coming back on base this is what we saw:


Whoops! Glad that’s not me, but seriously, those poles are not as hard to see as it looks like they might be here. This was a bonus for Cate, though, because she got to see a fire truck. She was thrilled…I’m sure that will probably make the truck owners’ day, right?

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One Response to first beach trip of ’08

  1. Jamie says:

    Looks like such a fun time! Her hair looks adorable like that. I love trying to take my children out alone once in awhile- they need that time!

    I remember the first time I had to drive our suburban onto base I was so scared I’d hit one of the poles- but there is plenty of room around them and I’ve never understood how people hit them!

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