my latest bad habit

It seems I’ve developed a bad habit. I’ve been napping every afternoon.

It all started when Meg decided she wasn’t going take her 2nd nap if she wasn’t curled up with me. I starting laying down with her, and would fall asleep myself. Now she’s napping well in her bed, and well, I’m napping well in mine, too.

I have so many things I need to be doing, but it seems like 2:00 hits and I feel exhausted; it doesn’t matter how much sleep I got the night before.

I need to get things done. I need to stop napping. How do I do it? The simple answer would be to not lie down, and I’ve tried that…and then I get really grumpy. Maybe I just have to push through for a few days?

I’m not sure how to handle it. All I am sure of is that I’m tired. After all, it’s nap time.

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One Response to my latest bad habit

  1. Jamie says:

    LOL I can so relate. Mine don’t even take naps anymore and I always vowed they’d have a ‘quiet time’. We just seem to not have time to do that. Yet every afternoon, esp. being pregnant, I NEED to lay down- usually around 2! Do you take vitamins? Supermom vitamins are the best!!! They really give you energy and make you feel good.

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