wild thing

Oh, what’s this? Cate’s reading one of her favorite books, Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak.


We read it just last night, in fact. Let’s take a look at what page she’s on.


Oh, it’s one of her favorite parts. You know, the page that Mommy is on. Here’s a close-up of me in the book.


She must think I’m terrible, because last night we were on this page and she said, “Mommy, Mommy!” while pointing at this “wild thing”.

“What is it, Cate?” I asked, thinking she wanted to tell me something about the monster.

“Look, it’s Mommy! I see Mommy!” she excitedly said.







Okay, okay. So maybe sometimes it’s not that far from the truth. For example:


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4 Responses to wild thing

  1. Jamie says:

    LOL I don’t see a resemblence;) That is so funny!

  2. cassandrasaganwebb. says:

    LOL, this is hilarious!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I love that she loves this book, we still have the one that Grandma Singleton gave the girls when they were litte. It was one of their favorites and now it is one of Gage’s favorites as well. Personally, I always thought it was the wild rumpus that was the best part. And you look only vaguely like that character!

  4. Danielle says:

    That’s me too! Anya loves the book and always tells us that one of the monsters is Dada and one is Mama.

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