I feel like I’ve come back from the dead.

Chris and I were both hit with a round of food poisoning yesterday – it was awful.

We sent Cate to a neighbor’s house for the morning; a little while later, that neighbor threw her back out (edited to clarify: the neighbor did not throw Cate out of the house. She injured her back. Sorry for the confusion!). I went to go and collect Cate, but she insisted that I leave her since Cate was helping keep her kids occupied, therefore making things easier for her. On the way back home, I started to feel queasy. Real queasy. I almost made it to the house before I threw up.

That’s right y’all. I threw up in my front yard yesterday.

Talk about embarassing and just generally terrible. Good news is that I don’t think anyone saw me; Chris heard and came outside to help me.

We both slept as much as we could. Chris started improving before me, so he let me rest and took care of the girls.

I’m feeling a lot better this morning but still a bit “puny” as my grandmother would say. I’m sure I’l feel a bit better when I can eat and drink normally again. I’m taking it slow right now.

But ugh! Food poisoning is terrible!

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4 Responses to poisoned

  1. Jamie says:

    Where’d you get food poisoning from? I know it is no fun- I’ve never had it but my friend has and she was so sick she really should have went to the ER! Hope you feel better soon. How nice to have neighbors to help you out too. Good thing nobody saw you puking outside, that would be embarassing (but like you could help it);)

  2. cassandrasaganwebb. says:

    I’m sorry you got sick! That must have been horrible, but I’ll have to admit I was offended when I first read this post. I thought “We sent Cate to a neighbor’s house for the morning; a little while later, that neighbor threw her back out” meant that your neighbor kicked Cate out of the house! LOL!!

  3. Teri says:

    I thought the same thing as the previous poster – that your neighbor threw Cate out – I was sooooo confused as to why she then wanted to keep her…ahhh the lightbulb just went on! Hope you’re back in working order ASAP!

  4. Amy Waters says:

    haha, i also read it the way the others did about thinking your neighboor threw cate out, lol. sorry about the food poisoning, hope you feel better

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