s’more brownies, take 2

Last night, we had Courtney, Carlos, and Catie over for supper. For dessert, I made S’more Brownies again. (We had fajitas and black beans for supper.)

This time, I changed up the brownies a little and they worked much better. I used parchment paper to line the pan, one piece going each direction. I buttered the parchment to make sure nothing would stick. Also, I used mini marshmallows rather than large. They conformed to the shape of the top of the brownies more so I didn’t have any fall off like last time. The brownies came out of the pan with no problem. I took them out while they were hot, and let them cool on a rack, then cut them into squares.

While I was cutting the brownies, Cate came into the kitchen with me. She told me, “I think those are for Cate.”

“You do, do you?” I replied.

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