whew! and grrr.

There has been so much going on lately. I’ll tackle all that later. For now, I just want to share this. Because of recent events, we had Sweet & Sour Chicken tonight rather than last night.

Looks great to me. Apparently, not to Chris. I’ve made this recipe I don’t know how many times, and Chris just told me tonight that he doesn’t like it. What?! I really wish he’d been clear about that before! Now I feel upset that all this time I’ve been making it, he’s been hating it.

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2 Responses to whew! and grrr.

  1. Jamie says:

    LOL Lovely! Zach tells me right away if something is a hit or not…thankfully.

  2. Jenn Wilson says:

    Don’t you hate that?!? Let’s just say Markus pulled that once and I kindly informed him that if he doesn’t open his big mouth and tell me something he will have to keep eating it!

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