everything will be back to normal soon, right?

Life has seemed completely crazy for the last couple weeks. It started when the dryer broke.

It sounds silly, but, for me, the whole household seemed to grind to a halt when I couldn’t do the laundry. I guess it’s such a part of my everyday life that when it was taken out of the picture, it seemed to mess everything up.

The dryer is now fixed, and I’ve been working like a madman trying to get laundry caught up. When the repairman came yesterday, he fixed the knob that broke off, and after he left, I threw some clothes in. The cycle ended, and the buzzer went off as usual. Except it wasn’t the usual buzz. It kept going, and going, and going, and going… (Energizer bunny, anyone?) It didn’t stop until I opened the door. I quick call to the company and a return visit by the repairman disconnected the buzzer entirely – something I’ve been wanting to happen for a long time. There’s no way to choose whether it’s on or not, and I can’t tell you how many naps the buzzer has abruptly ended.

Chris is still feeling less-than-stellar. He said the pain isn’t that bad – more like he has something in his eye than actual pain – but there are a myriad of other symptoms bothering him. His eyes are watering constantly, they’re sensitive to light, he’s congested (it’s somehow connected to the surgery), and a few other things. I’m glad I’m not him.

Now me. I’m still sick. I woke up the other morning with a sore throat, cough, and congestion. It’s nothing major, but it’s enough to make me feel exhausted and just generally cruddy.

With neither Chris nor I feeling well, we were having trouble sleeping at night. He was up every couple of hours taking medication and putting in eyedrops; because I’m congested, I’ve been snoring (or so he says). So, last night, Chris decided to sleep in the guest room so we wouldn’t wake eachother up. It’s the first time since we’ve been married that we’ve slept in separate beds when we were under the same roof. It felt a little strange. I’m sure this was the reason I had a dream that we had decided to separate. In the dream we were only separated one day. When we were moving him into his new house, we realized that we wanted to be together.

Cate is finally coming home today! I’ve missed her so much. She went to the zoo with my mom and grandmother the other day. Here are a few pictures:

My little ray of sunshine.

She got to feed the baby giraffe!

Things should be settling back down. Chris will heal with time, and I’m already feeling a little better this morning. Thank goodness!

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One Response to everything will be back to normal soon, right?

  1. cassandrasaganwebb. says:

    I told Aaron about your S’more Brownie recipe and now he’s dying to try it. I’m wondering, though…

    1. Is the graham cracker crust necessary to holding everything together?
    2. Can the brownie part of this dessert be made out of boxed brownie mix instead of from scratch?

    I’m trying to make it as simple as possible…can ya tell?

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