11 things I don’t understand on the 11th

1. High fructose corn syrup in so many things. Why do people want to eat fake food?

2. Meg’s hair. Why does it stick up half the time after I’ve combed it? Shouldn’t it either always stick up or never stick up?

3. My inability to fully accept that I’m not blonde anymore. Earth to Erica, you’re a brunette now! Dye it blonde or get over it.

4. Chris and I love healthy foods, and actually tend to prefer them, but still eat junk too much. If we like it better and it’s better for us, why don’t we just get with the program? We eat pretty healthy a lot of the time, but why not all the time?

5. Kids programming can range from actually fun for me to watch to so boring you want to strangle your own self just for the excitement, but Cate still likes them all. I really do enjoy The Backyardigans. I think I’m more excited about a new episode than she is; I find myself singing the songs even when she’s not around. On the other hand, Caillou is dreadfully boring. And kind of dumb. And not at all as realistic as the makers would like to believe.

6. Meg’s refusal to eat food. We give her good-tasting things and she refuses to eat them; in fact, she gets angry! What kind of a person doesn’t enjoy eating?

7. Chris’ love of Red, Red Wine. I mean the car, not the beverage. I totally get the love of, say, pinot noir.

8. How I can feel so conflicted about having more children. I love the dynamic of our family exactly as it is now, and I know that I don’t really want another child, so why do I keep thinking I would? I need to realize that it’s not the desire for another child so much as it is missing having a tiny baby. There will be nieces and nephews someday; I hope that will give me my “baby fix.” Seriously, I feel like a junkie when it comes to babies.

9. How I find the energy with the girls. It’s amazing what you can do when you have to. Having children seems to make you tap into reservoirs of love, energy, and patience you never knew you had.

10. How your tastes change as you get older. On Saturday, we were discussing with Courtney and Carlos how all of us like foods we didn’t touch as children. I now eat shrimp, asparagus, mustard, and sweet potatoes, to name a few. I still can’t stomach mayonnaise, horseradish, brussel sprouts, or sweet pickles.

11. Cate’s tantrum when I took a bite of her banana this morning. It was one bite and she refused to eat the rest of it, threw the banana on the floor, and then screamed and fussed for a long time afterward, even after her time out was through.

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