A few minutes ago I was in the kitchen prepping some chili to put in the crockpot. Cate was playing in the living room, until she ran into the kitchen.

Mommy, Mommy!” she exclaimed.

Yes Cate, what is it?” I replied.

Mavis pooped!
Hmm. Perhaps she’d actually gone in her diaper and told me that the dog had pooped instead. (It’s happened before.) I decided to probe a little further to be sure.
Mavis pooped?” I asked her.
Yeah.” (We’re still working on the “yes, ma’am” instead of “yeah”)
Where did Mavis poop, Cate?

In the play house.

Oh no! Let me go check.

I checked, and sure enough, Mavis had gone in Cate’s play house that is set up in the living room. Grrr.

I thanked Cate for telling me.

You’re welcome.” she answered, nonchalantly.

This conversation may not seem extraordinary, but she’s just recently gotten to the point where you can have and actual “back and forth” dialogue. She’s been answering questions for a quite some time, but now she initiates conversation. I love it so much and I’m just fascinated by the things that she has to say. I’ve often wondered what’s going through her mind, and now she’s actually letting me know.

It’s weird to think of her as her own person. For so long, I’ve seen her more like an extension of myself. She ate what I wanted her to eat, she wore what I wanted her to wear, she went where I wanted her to go. Now she has opinions; likes and dislikes. It’s amazing to see her blossoming into a little girl.
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One Response to informer

  1. Jamie says:

    Isn’t it amazing watching them grow up? At least it wasn’t her that pooped!

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