clothy bottoms overnight

First, I need to explain the title. You know how you talk to babies and say ridiculous things? Well, that’s how “clothy bottoms” came to be. I was talking to Meg and referred to her diapers as clothy bottoms. Now, I can’t get the darn phrase out of my head!

We had a “first” here last night. I put Meg to bed in a cloth diaper overnight.

We’ve been using cloth diapers during the day, but hadn’t decided to try and brave the nighttime diapering yet. I just didn’t have the supplies to create the absorbency I’d likely need. Besides, who wants to try and fiddle around with the extra steps at 2 am? (Or in our case, at 10, 12, 2, 4, 5, and 6 – ha ha.) When I ordered diapers the other day, though, I ordered a bumGenius 3.0. I love this thing! It’s styled like a disposable diaper in how you put it on, so it’s easy to use at night in the dark. Also, it has micro fleece on the inside, so her skin feels dry overnight. Also, if you need more absorbency, you can put more “stuffing” in it. I’m not able to do that with disposable. If the girls get to a phase where they’re soaking through their diapers at night, I have to buy nighttime diapers or move them a size up. And even that doesn’t always work. Another huge plus is that these diapers adjust size with a series of snaps, so this will fit her until she’s done diapering, most likely. (The diaper would fit Cate if we wanted it to).

When I got Meg this morning (who slept through from 6:30 to 5:00, by the way), her diaper wasn’t cold, squishy, and just generally uncomfortable like it would normally be. Though the diaper was soaked, to be sure, her skin stayed dry all night from the fleece. And the diaper was still pretty warm on her. Normally her butt is icy cold from the wet diaper.

I must say that this is a huge breakthrough for me. I will definitely be ordering more of these! (I just wish they were cheaper.)

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