a Cinderella-on-the-couch kind of a day

I thought we were done being sick here. I was wrong.

Cate woke us up 4 times last night. I knew something was up. Usually the only time she wakes up is when she has a bad dream, maybe once a month. (Also she wakes up when wake her up to redress her every night, but that’s something different altogether.)

Chris went in to check on her last night, but said he didn’t notice anything strange. This morning she woke up I got her, and she was burning up! (Chris said she didn’t feel warm to him. I guess that’s why children were given mothers.) Our highly inaccurate thermometer gave us several readings between 102.5 and 104.9. She seemed very uncomfortable so we gave her some Tylenol.


Something to consider before you give medication to your child for a fever. Fever helps fight infection, so to eliminate fever is to eliminate one of the body’s natural defenses. Of course, this has to be balanced with concern over your child’s comfort. In accordance with our pediatrician’s advice, we don’t give Cate or Meg medicine to lower a fever unless they seem to be feeling badly. The times where they’re acting mostly normal, we just keep an eye on them and let the body do its work.


I found a better thermometer about 45 minutes after I’d given her the Tylenol, and took her temperature with it, and it was 100.9.

I’d had hopes of getting out of the house and doing something today, but I guess that’s not going to happen. My poor baby is sick and I want to do nothing but take good care of her. It’s cold and raining anyway. Better to stay in, wear pajamas, and make chicken noodle soup, don’t you think?

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One Response to a Cinderella-on-the-couch kind of a day

  1. cassandrasaganwebb. says:

    Poor baby! I hope she gets to feeling better soon.

    Your tangent reminded me of something. Where I grew up…oh wait, you were there, too…people encourage their children to “sweat out” the fever for the same reason you mentioned. No medicine, just bundle up and let it ride…what are home remedies like that called? I forget…

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