house workout – Cate’s room edition

Cate’s room really wasn’t that bad. We keep it pretty bare due to her tendency to destroy things. I hung a few things I’ve been needing to hang – the dog mobile from Chris’ grandmother, some artwork my mom made, and I re-hung the curtains Cate previously pulled down – and I put some of her stuffed animals back out. We’ll see how it goes this time.





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2 Responses to house workout – Cate’s room edition

  1. Emily says:

    Hi! Sorry for the late reply! I was an English major at LSU. What about your husband? I guess the chances that we knew each other at that huge school are few! I miss LSU so much. I loved going there! Did you live in the dorms at all? I was in Miller and then Acadian. They were all-female when I was there; I think that may have changed.

    Do you know where your sister-in-law got those amazing candles in the picture of the cake below?? I want those for my upcoming birthday!!

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