public accountability please motivate me

The house is out of shape; it needs a workout. I’ve devised a fitness plan to have it ship shape by the weekend. I’ve decided to pick a room (or two or three) to straighten each day. It goes like this:

TUESDAY – kitchen & living room
WEDNESDAY – bedrooms (Mine, Cate’s & Meg’s. I’m leaving the guestroom for another time)
THURSDAY – bathrooms & hallway
FRIDAY – dining room (This is the behemoth. The computer desk seems to be a magnet for all sorts of flotsam and jetsom.)

I want to be able to relax this weekend, and I have a hard time doing it when I know I have a million things I ought to be doing. So here goes. Meg just went down for a nap, so it’s time to get to work on the kitchen.

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