yesterday was crazy

Some days it seems that when it rains, it pours. Here are some of the things that happened yesterday:

  • I went to visit my grandparents and my grandmother was acting very strange. We left after only a little while since she was sick so that she could rest.
  • My grandmother ended up in the hospital later in the day. It seems she’s going to be fine, but she’ll be there for a few days.
  • Cate found a red permanent marker and used it as lipstick. She also colored the screen on my cell phone red.
  • Cate left her room during her “nap” and didn’t come to wake me up first. She stripped, emptied an entire package of wipes, dug dirt out of potted plant, took candles off their stands, and more.
  • While on the phone with my dad checking on my grandmother, Cate took off a dirty diaper herself and touched her dirty bottom. I got to her before any real damage was done.
  • Cate missed her nap and was very grumpy. She cried and whined for 30 minutes without stopping once. That’s hard to listen to.
  • A bag of chips fell off the shelf in the pantry.
  • After dinner plans went awry, my mom picked up McDonald’s on her way back from the hospital and they left out our fries.
  • I realized while getting Meg dressed for bed that I had no clean PJ’s for her. I had to put on the pair from the previous night.
  • The temperature dropped during the night and I was not prepared. Meg and I shared a room and we both froze since the heater was not set up. I brought her into bed with me and that was a little better for me, and she was perfectly warm.

I’m so glad today is a new day. I hope it brings good news about my grandmother and Cate decides to be better behaved than yesterday.

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2 Responses to yesterday was crazy

  1. cassandrasaganwebb. says:

    Oh man, what a crappy day. Glad it’s over, huh? I hope your grandmother continues to do well. I know that can be hard to bear.

  2. Jamie says:

    OH YUCK!!!! That’s horrible. It would be horrible to just have one incident a day, but to have ALL in one day…yuck. I hope today is much better. I love the look of your blog. Do you do it yourself??? I can’t figure out how to ‘personalize’ mine! Hope your grandma gets well soon! Congrats on LSU winning…at least my hubby said they did (I don’t keep up on that stuff).

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