the questioner

Cate has a habit of asking you the question she wants to be asked. For instance, she’ll ask, “Are you dancing?” as she’s shaking her groove thing in the living room. Recently, she’s also put things in statement form, telling me things that I typically tell her, as in “Don’t climb on the counters.” In fact, right now, she’s in her room telling me, “I have a question for you!”

So, to continue, the other day I went to get Cate up from her “nap” (I say “nap” because she never actually sleeps anymore; she still needs some down time though) and I found her naked. Any of you who have read this more than once know she has a problem keeping her clothes on, so this was not surprising. I was giving her the stern mommy look when she began to scold me.

“We don’t pee on the floor!” she exclaimed.

“Cate, did you pee on the floor?!” I asked.

“Here it is! I see the pee-pee!” she helpfully pointed out.

Lo and behold, there it was. A nice puddle beside her bed. Hey, at least she’s better than the dog and managed to go somewhere other than an upholstered surface.

Someday she’ll outgrow this I-must-take-off-my-clothes-at-every-opportunity phase, right?

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