a crib and a jail cell DO look a lot alike…

I was thinking about a something that happened over Christmas and I realized that I never shared it.

While at my parents’ house, Chris and I shared a room with Meg. One night, she woke up. We both sat perfectly still hoping she’d fall back asleep. Suddenly, we heard a rapid click-click-click-click-click (pause) click-click-click-click-click (pause) click-click-click-click-click along with excited cooing from Meg.

What in the world?

Meg had taken her pacifier in her hand, holding it by the nipple, and was running it along the bars of the crib. Think “prisoner running a tin cup along jail bars” from the movies.

We both laughed and realized sleep was futile, and so got up with her. Luckily she hasn’t repeated her little trick since then.

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