happy new year!

So today has been the most wonderful day. I hope it signals that this will be a great year.

We didn’t do anything exciting last night. In fact, we were asleep at 10:00. This morning the girls let us sleep in until 7:00. It was very much appreciated. Chris got Cate up and got her into bed with us, were Meg already was. We stayed in bed and played and cuddled. After a while we got up and decided to go out to breakfast.

I asked Cate if she wanted to go out and eat breakfast and she replied, “Eat some pancakes. And some eggs. And some coffee. Some black coffee! AND YUMMY PANCAKES!” This is was followed by lots of excitement and dancing around. Breakfast was very pleasant. Cate was well behaved, and Meg was beaming at anyone who set his or her eyes upon her.

After we returned, Meg went down for a nap, and so did I. I was still so tired. (I shouldn’t have skipped my morning coffee. We left the house before I made any, and IHOP coffee is ugh.) It was wonderful to be able to lie down when I felt like it. I woke up at noon, when Cate threw a fit about something. She also woke Meg up. I fed Meg, and she went back to sleep, and so did I. I got two naps in one day! I didn’t wake up from the second one until 3:15.

After that I made supper (not the traditional pork, black eyed peas, and cabbage, but we had salmon and curried lentils instead), then I gave the girls a bubble bath. It was Meg’s first bubble bath; she loved trying to grab the bubbles from the water.

The girls are both in bed now, and we’re watching one of 20 (yes, 20!) episodes of Entourage that recorded yesterday. We moved before all those episodes aired, and after we watch these, we’ll be caught up.

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One Response to happy new year!

  1. Jamie says:

    Wow, 2 naps??? I’m SO jealous! My kiddos love IHOP and we stopped there twice on our trip. We normally don’t go since its quite a drive to get to the nearest one here. You know, I never heard of the typical ‘New Years meal’ until we were invited to a New Years day party. It must be a southern thing? Hope you have a wonderful New Year!

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