Cate must be one of the "naughty" ones

On Tuesday, Margie, Alainah, Courtney, and Catie stopped by the house for a little while. When we got together on Wednesday to decorate cookies, Margie told me that Alainah was very concerned about something she saw in our house.

As most of you know, Cate is a just a wee bit, um, mischevious. For that reason, we don’t have any presents under our tree. She would just unwrap them and I don’t fee like dealing with it, so all the presents are in the spare room. Alainah, in all her newly 4-year-old sweetness, was upset that we “hadn’t bought any presents for Cate” since she didn’t see any under the tree.

Yesterday, I watched Catie and Alainah while Courtney and Margie went to a pregnancy class (they’re both expecting in the spring.) Alainah brought a present for Cate. She immediately put it under the tree and instructed Cate not to touch it until Christmas day, at which point Cate could call her and Alainah would tell her it was okay to open it.

So cute!

P.S. While Catie and Alainah were here yesterday, I brought them into the spare room and showed them Cate’s presents. I assured them that Cate has presents, and so does Meg. I hope they don’t think I’m the meanest mother on Earth!

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One Response to Cate must be one of the "naughty" ones

  1. cassandrasaganwebb. says:

    Lol. How funny!

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