alainah’s birthday party

Today we went to a birthday party for Cate’s friend, Alainah. She turns 4 in a few days. Margie (my friend, Alainah’s mom) had the party at a place in the mall that does girly makeovers/parties. Cate had a lot of fun dressing up. She got to put on makeup (glitter and lip gloss) and put on dress up clothes (a tiara and ballerina outfit). She, Alainah, and Catie danced around to princess songs and generally had a good time. Also, Cate had her nails painted for the first time (clear with just a little bit of sparkle). She may have bee a bit young for this type of thing, but she loved following Catie and Alainah’s lead – she wants to do what the “big girls” are doing…always.

Singing and dancing.

In her full ensemble.

Even Meg had a good time!

Meg, as she generally is in public, was a doll. She sat and smiled and cooed at everyone.
At the end of the “glam girl” party, we ate cookie cake and opened presents. Cate ate the icing, left the cookie. Go figure. Meg wanted a piece of the cookie action too, alas, she only got a hold of the plate.

There’s nothing tastier than cardboard!

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3 Responses to alainah’s birthday party

  1. cassandrasaganwebb. says:

    I love Meg’s little foot in that picture above. Looks like they had a good time!

  2. Jenn Wilson says:

    Cate is a diva and Meg a doll. They are such beautiful girls and boy are they growing quick!

  3. Something's Gotta Give says:

    OMG! Even cuter! Every time I think you’ve gotten the cutest picture ever…

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