So, I’ve been reading a lot recently about bento lunches. While traditionally Japanese and filled with Japanese food, more and more people are packing their own versions of them for lunch.

I decided I wanted to give it a shot, and so packed a bento-esque lunch for Chris to take to work today. He had half a pita filled with turkey, lettuce, pepper jack cheese, and mustard (it was topped with a cut out nori heart…how sappy). On the side he had some honeydew melon, a clementine, cucumber slices with green onion dip, a few pistachios, and a piece of peppermint bark (which I made yesterday).

I also decided to do something similar for lunch for Cate and myself, though I just arranged it on a plate instead of packing it in a container. Here’s Cate’s lunch:

I think it looks pretty, though I don’t think Cate apprectiated it as much. She has half a grilled cheese sandwich with some ketchup to dip it in (the only way to eat it), some cucumber slices, halved grape tomatoes, a clementine, and some pickle slices (Cate loves pickles). She tried the cucumbers and ranch dip, but it was a “1 bite” food for her. Oh well. I’m going to keep trying.

I could really get in to this bento-making. It would be much easier for Chris than grabbing lunch, and cheaper too. Plus, I’d feel good knowing that I sent him to work with a tasty, healthy lunch. And I think Cate would like it, too. You can really get creative with this…I plan to.

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4 Responses to bento-esque

  1. Chelsey's Chatter says:

    Hmm..never heard of it! I like the idea though!

  2. cassandrasaganwebb. says:

    That sounds like a lot of work! But you have inspired me to make a grilled cheese sandwich.

  3. Jenn Wilson says:

    What a beautiful plate. The colors are beautiful. I’ve never heard of a bento. It sounds like something Markus would love though.

  4. Jamie says:

    That food looks good! I’m so glad you came up to me yesterday. You know, you look really familiar. Maybe you’ve left a comment before and I’ve come across your blog? Your little girls are beautiful. I look forward to reading more! Oh, and I think I vaguely remember you from the yahoo group…if my memory serves me right!

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