children make your Christmas dreams come true

Christmas is so much better with kids around to help you enjoy it. This year is the first year that Cate is really aware of what’s going on. She loves seeing the Christmas lights on the houses in the neighborhood (our lights are going up today). She recognizes Santa when she sees him, and Christmas trees, well, those are something special.

Last night we went to go pick out our Christmas tree. Cate didn’t help too much in the process, but she was excited to see all the trees. I know it’s too early for her to really be involved in any meaningful way with things like picking the tree, but it’s important to me that we do these things together.

It was close to bedtime when we got home, so the tree didn’t go up until they were in bed. We wanted to let the branches fall before we decorated it anyway. As I was putting Cate to sleep, she was asking about the tree. I told her we’d get to see it in the morning and she was thrilled. She ended up getting out of bed later in the evening (she took off her PJ’s and her diaper was wet) and bolted out of her room to the living room. She rubbed her hands (and face, strangely) all over the tree before I could get her back. Today she keeps pointing to it exclaiming, “Christmas tree!”

Just wait til it’s decorated. She’s going to flip. Christmas is so much better with her.

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