maybe she’s quaker

Cate likes oatmeal more than any other person I’ve ever seen. Every morning, the first words out of her mouth are to request “moatmeal” for breakfast. In the last month, I think she’s eaten something other than oatmeal perhaps 5 times, but only because Chris or I decided that we didn’t feel like making it.

I’ve discovered that her oatmeal cannot be instant. I’ve never made instant for her until just the other day. I opened the pantry to find that we were out of oatmeal. We did, however, have instant (I use it to bread chicken fingers) so I decided to use that instead. She wouldn’t touch it. That’s good, though. It takes less than 5 minutes to make real oatmeal, and it’s so much better for you. She likes it plain well enough, but lately her favorite way to eat it is with a little bit of honey and half & half or milk. She even likes steel-cuts oats (the favorite of Chris and I). We’d make them for her more often, but they take so long to cook!

While Cate eats breakfast, here’s what Meg does. This is from this morning.

Someday I guess I’ll be making oatmeal for her, too. She’s just got to learn to eat first!

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3 Responses to maybe she’s quaker

  1. cassandralynne. says:

    That’s wonderful about Cate’s love for real oatmeal! You’re gonna have some healthy kids. Good for you!

    Meg is really starting to become a beaut! (Not that she wasn’t before, but you know what I mean). Babies just get cuter and cuter the older they get.

    You’ve got some gorgeous kids!

  2. * Tyly * says:

    Yes you do!!! They are both gorgeous!

  3. Jenn Wilson says:

    My goodness Cate is sooo… beautiful. And growing, your kids make me excited for how mine will look. They really got the best of both of yall.

    Love the oatmeal story too. Course all I eat is the instant now, but not when I was a kid. I guess I better kick that in the butt for when I have kids. šŸ™‚

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