Jealousy may finally be rearing its ugly head in the McMillian household.

Yesterday I was holding Meg in my lap while sitting on the couch. Cate came and stood in front of me and tried to remove her baby sister from my lap. I asked her what she was doing. She told me, “Put Meg away. In her crib; go night-night. Hold Cate on the couch.”

Uh oh.

I was getting ready to put Meg to sleep anyway, so I went into her room and rocked her to sleep, then got to spend a little one-on-one time with Cate.

There’s been nothing since yesterday morning until just now.

Meg is playing in the activity gym and Cate went over and tried to pick her up. She told her, “All done Meg.” I guess she wanted a turn, too.

Please, please, please don’t have this become a huge issue. Things were just starting to calm down again over here. I know that it’s always something, and maybe this is the next stage we’ll have to get through. It makes me so sad; Cate has always been nothing less than adoring to Meg, and I hate to see that change.

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4 Responses to jealous

  1. Chelsey's Chatter says:

    Yes, I do believe that jealousy has just reared it’s ugly head!

  2. Chelsey's Chatter says:

    Yes, I do believe that jealousy has just reared it’s ugly head!

  3. cassandralynne. says:

    Yikes. Well either the storm’s a’brewin’ or this will pass…only time can tell.

    Are the terrible two’s really that terrible?

  4. Jenn Wilson says:

    Man I thought that would come in High School. They learn things sooo… early these days! J/K But just a bit of advice, anywhere 2 or more girls exist in a house Jealously will too. I think it’s part of the makeup. Oh I could go into some stories about me and my sisters. I’ll spare you though.

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