remember miss carrot?

Cate has met my Aunt Karen before, but probably does not remember her because Cate was just over a year old at the time. In the morning before they came, I told her that Grandma, Pop, Aunt Karen, and Uncle Bill were coming to visit her.

“Aunt Carrot?” Cate asked.

“Aunt KAREN” I told her.

It didn’t stick. She called her “Aunt Carrot” or “Miss Carrot” the entire time she was here. She was wearing an orange shirt the first day, so perhaps it’s fitting.

Cate was slow to warm up when they first arrived. She awoke from her nap to a houseful of people, which always throws her off. She’s a grump after nap. By the end of the evening she was her normal self, and treating them like she sees them every day..

Dinner was gooood. The brisket was the best Chris has ever done. The smoker has been a great purchase.

After we got the girls to bed, my mom, dad, aunt, uncle and I went to the Hard Rock casino downtown. Chris stayed home with the kids. I’m not big into gambling for a good reason – I always lose, and this time was no exception. I was only going to spend $40, and the first $38 went very quickly. Then I put $2 into a slot machine and played for 45 minutes on it. I couldn’t lose it or win enough to justify cashing out so I kept playing until everyone else was ready to go and I made bigger bets and finally lost it all.

The next morning, everyone came back. “Aunt Carrot” brought Cate a velour track suit, and Cate loves it. She had to put it on first thing in the morning, even before breakfast.

I tried getting Cate into a picture with everyone, but she was acting, frankly, bratty. I took a picture of just the adults, then she decided she wanted in too, but she didn’t want to be held. Here’s the result:

I also got a really good picture of Meg with my dad:

Just look at the eye contact with the camera. I love it.

They all left for New Orleans before lunch time. I’ll bet they’re having a blast! I’m always so glad to see family, and am grateful they took the time to come visit us here. And Sara (my cousin, not Springfield) – I know you read this every day and am happy to hear that! Thanks for keeping your mom up-to-date on the girls!

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One Response to remember miss carrot?

  1. cassandralynne. says:

    I actually like the pictures where Cate is acting “bratty.” It’s cute. And my goodness, Meg is really starting to fill out, isn’t she? She gets prettier everyday!!

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