busy, busy day

We decided to go to Baton Rouge yesterday. We had some shopping we wanted to do (there’s NOTHING here) and we made plans to stop by Chris’ old work to visit some of his friends who hadn’t seen Meg yet and have lunch with a couple of them. We got going first thing in the morning.

The drive was tolerable, and I was even able to read a few chapters in the book I’m reading, so that was a major plus. Meg slept most of the way and Cate watched a movie.

We got there and went to his work. It was so great to see familiar faces again. I loved being able to show them to Meg, and for them to see how big Cate has gotten since we left. We ate lunch and Poor Boy Lloyd’s, a restaurant down town. I had such a good po boy, and Cate’s red beans and rice were really tasty (of course I had to sample!) Chris had a deer sausage po boy….only in Lousiana, right?

After lunch we went to a place I miss so much, Whole Foods. I wish we still lived only a mile from there! We bought all sorts of little treats for ourselves. I was almost out of the organic jelly I use, so I was able to pick some more up, plus some good olive oil, vegetable chips, salsa, crackers, cleaning supplies, tea and some other items.

After that we went to the mall to stop by his other old work, Banana Republic, and stop by the LSU store there. I was looking for a certain cardigan for Cate, but they didn’t have it. They did, however, have the LSU crocs both Chris and I own in Cate’s size, so she got those instead. She’s thrilled with her LSU shoes. She didn’t want to take them off when it was time to go to bed last night! I’ll post a picture of those in the next few days.

Cate rode the carousel while we were in the mall. It was her first time and she was far from excited. In fact, she was downright terrified. I really thought she would have enjoyed it. When she’s scared, she clamps her hands over her ears or eyes like this:

We headed home after a while and that drive wasn’t too bad either. We came home, ate, and put the girls to bed. I was killing time doing nothing and bored when I realized that I was missing my neighbor Gretchen’s card stamping party! It started at 7:30 and it was almost 8:30 when I remembered. I popped over and they were still in the thick of it, so I was able to join in. She designed some hand stamped cards and provided all the supplies for us to make 10 different cards. I didn’t get to all of them, but here are the ones I did make:

Gretchen is so creative!

After all this I was exhausted. Of course today Meg decided to wake up at 5:15 (ugh) but that’s a whole different story.

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2 Responses to busy, busy day

  1. cassandralynne. says:

    Yeah, day of budgeting probably wouldn’t be too exciting. And no, I’ve never flown in a plane piloted by Aaron. That’s always been his dream, to take me up in a plane. After this interview I just had, maybe we’ll finally go up in a plane when he gets back from Iraq.

    Speaking of the interview, yes, you would have lost it. I was able to stay strong until she said one thing…but I won’t tell you what that was…not yet. I am about to start typing up the rough draft of the story. You can bet it will be posted as soon as I can. It was amazing.

  2. Amy Waters says:

    ooo lsu crocs, connor needs a pair, how much were they?


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