jack-o-lantern fun

We just finished carving pumpkins. Chris bought a “baby pokin” for Cate. He asked her if she wanted it to have a sad face or a happy face; she chose sad, much to his disappointment. (He wants everything to be “happy” for her, so no scary stuff for Halloween, only happy, fun stuff.) But Cate wanted a sad pumpkin, so she got one.

Seriously though, what kind of 2-year-old wants a sad jack-o-lantern?! I fear we’re going to have a teen that dresses all in black…

However, we did make the big one happy.

Cate had a lot of fun scooping out the pumpkins.

The finished product.

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3 Responses to jack-o-lantern fun

  1. * Tyly * says:

    Those are too cute!

    And if that is a Michael Graves ice cream scooper, I have the exact same one! It looks just like mine! :o)

  2. cassandralynne. says:

    Are you predicting that Cate is going to be emo? LoL.

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