cloth diapers so far

So it hasn’t been a week yet and already I’m…used to it.

Cloth diapering has been much more simple than I imagined (though I have to admit we’re not doing it 100% of the time; I wanted to try it out first. We’re using disposable at night and when we’re out of the house.) Even Chris has said it doesn’t bother him. The diapering process is only slightly more involved than disposable diapers, and I mean an extra 15 seconds, perhaps.

I’ve hardly noticed the extra laundry. To be honest, it’s helped me keep up with laundry. I have a bad habit of letting the clothes linger in the washer or dryer for days sometimes. Washing the diapers has forced me to finish up the clothes so I can get them through to be ready to use again. I only have 1 dozen diapers right now, which means I have to wash every day. If we continue, I’m going to buy more so I can wash every other day instead.

My biggest complaint is that the cloth diapers are a bit bulky. She tends to look a little, um, pear shaped in them. At first it seemed like she was uncomfortable with the bulkiness, especially along her back, but we’ve modified the way we put them on her, so she no longer seems uncomfortable.

I think the biggest surprise is that the cloth diapers smell a lot less than the disposables. Who knew? I’d read this but didn’t really believe it. For one, you empty the diaper pail more frequently than you’d empty a Diaper Genie (anyone who’s had a Genie probably knows they really don’t work that well, and when you open it to put another diaper in, look out! It stinks!) It’s not only emptying the pail more frequently, though. we’re using a trash can with a lid for the cloth diapers and it’s not sealed the same as a Genie and it still smells less. I don’t even notice it. If I leave a wet disposable diaper out, her whole room will smell like urine; not so with cloth.

Overall, I’ve been really pleased with our experience so far. There is definitely a learning curve, but it’s not nearly as scary as you’d imagine.

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2 Responses to cloth diapers so far

  1. cassandralynne. says:

    Interesting. My question is this: Where does all the poopy go when it’s time to change and wash??

  2. Jenn Wilson says:

    I didn’t realize they still sold those things. My mom swears by them to this day.

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