7 things about me (perhaps strange, but all true)

I’ve been “tagged” by Sara, so here goes:

1. I love, love, love anything completely homemade or handmade. Food from scratch, baby gifts someone crafted themselves – anything. My sister-in-law made me a pair of earrings last year for Christmas; it’s one of my favorite gifts I’ve ever received.

2. I have an irrational hatred of cream of anything soup. I won’t cook with it. In fact, you won’t find it in my house.

3. I’m going to give cloth diapers a try. You read correctly. Cloth diapers. I guess in part because it fits in with my whole method of “natural” do-it-yourself motherhood, along with staying at home, breastfeeding, making homemade baby food and the other kooky things I do.

4. I sleep with a pillow over my head.

5. Between Chris and I, we have 8 magazine subscriptions. That’s down from 10 about 2 months ago. Even with all that, we’ll buy more in the store occasionally, and there are still some that each of us would like to subscribe to (Southern Living for me; Chris wants to get the New Yorker again)

6. Even though there are very few foods I really, really do not like, one category I tend to dislike is sauces. I can’t stand horseradish, tartar sauce, or mayonnaise. I eat my sandwiches dry.

7. I can’t stand violations of the U.S. Flag Code. I may not know all the details contained within it, but I do know the general terms of it, and I find it so disrespectful to see how many flagrant violations people commit, even on a military base. On a related note, we have a flag we “inherited” with this house that is in really bad shape, and I know it should be burned but I’m not really sure how to go about it. I can’t imagine going into the driveway of our house (provided by the U.S. government on a military base) and burning a flag. I imagine I would get some looks and comments from the neighbors even though I would be disposing of it in the preferred method of the flag code.

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