Sunday picnic at the playground

Chris suggested that we have a picnic at the Marina Park playground on base for lunch, so we did. I’m glad he brought it up – the weather was beautiful, and we had a lot of fun. We got to watch 2 C-130’s take off since the playground is right by the flightline so that, of course, was very exciting. When the plane went out of sight, Cate exclaimed, “Bye plane! By stars on the flag!” The planes have a flag painted on the tail. I swear this girl can spot an American flag from a mile away, and she always tells me she sees stars on it.

I need to go grocery shopping, so our picnic was McDonald’s but I really don’t think Cate minded. Any day she’s allowed to have french fries is a good day in Cate’s world.

Cate sure loves a cheeseburger.

Meg obviously didn’t eat, but she sat contendedly while the rest of us did.

Cate had a great time playing.

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One Response to Sunday picnic at the playground

  1. * Tyly * says:

    You always manage to get the best pictures!

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