"half man, half amazing"

So, in case you didn’t know, Chris is amazing.

He took off of work this morning to take Cate to her dentist appointment, even though I forgot to tell him the time last week so he could plan around it. She had to have her teeth cleaned and a parent needs to go to help keep her calm and restrain her if need be. I couldn’t really do it because I couldn’t do that and tend to Meg at the same time.

Chris said that Cate did pretty well, but was scared to death. I’m glad I wasn’t there; it breaks your heart to watch your child hurting or terrified. He said her heart was racing. He also said that while the nurse was nice enough, eventually she was just shouting at Cate to look at her so she could finish. At one point they made a comment something like “maybe Daddy is going to have to leave the room.” Chris told me he was thinking, “If I leave this room, she’s coming with me. The only reason they’d ask me to leave the room is because they want to do something I wouldn’t approve of.” Very “papa bear” of him, don’t you think.

Here’s another thing Chris did. After letting me sleep in one morning this weekend, I awoke to find the kitchen and living room spotless. Pretty great, huh?

I’ve saved the best for last. Are you ready for it?

Chris bought me a new dining room table!

I’ve been wanting a bigger one for a long time. Ours is big enough for the 3 of us, but if anyone else tries to sit at the table with us, it’s waaaay too crowded. Four is really too much. At Catie’s birthday party, I was admiring Courtney and Carlos’ table. They told me they got it at the furniture store on base. I went and checked it out today to see if it was in our budget, and we could manage it. I called Chris to tell him, and he wasn’t that interested. He’s fine with what we have now. He came home for lunch, and just before he left he told me that he bought me the table and chairs! (He did say that he didn’t think it was necessary, but he knew how much I’ve been wanting a table) How awesome is that! We should have it today or tomorrow. He bought four chairs, which is good for now, but I think we’ll need a couple more eventually.

I feel so lucky to have him.

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3 Responses to "half man, half amazing"

  1. cassandralynne. says:

    Sounds like a sweetheart. Better give him some lovin’ tonight ;o)

  2. Jenn Wilson says:

    How sweet. I loved to hear all the great things. I would have been happy the the house being spotless, but HE BOUGHT YOU FURNITURE!?! That is amazing. You are so lucky.

  3. * Tyly * says:

    Such a sweet husband!

    And hello! I am Tyly (tie-lee), and I found your blog through Cassandra. I hope you don’t mind that I have been visiting for a while. I love reading all of the funny happenings in your world!


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