I am a flippin’ genius

I spent half the morning getting ready to go to my doctor’s appointment. A few minutes before I was about to leave when Chris pulled up. He was supposed to go to a luncheon today for work, so I was surprised to see him. He told me that he was wrong about the luncheon, and so he came home instead. Since he was home, he agreed to keep the girls at home so I could go alone. I was thrilled not to have to bring them and keep them entertained while I was trying to talk to the doctor.

I head to the hospital, go to the counter in Family Practice and only then do I realize…today isn’t the 3rd. My appointment is the 3rd – TOMORROW! Man!

I went right back home and Chris told me that he did the same thing about his luncheon. It’s tomorrow and he thought it was today. At least I’m not the only one.

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