no rest for the weary

Last night we went to bed late (for us.) We were watching the second season of House (thanks to my sister-in-law, Rachel, for recommending it) and we went to bed just before 11:00.

So, after getting to sleep later than usual, Chris woke me up at 2:20. Apparently Mavis had gotten sick all over the bed…from both ends. I don’t know how we both slept through it, but we did. We got up, stripped the sheets, and instead of re-making it right then, we went and slept in the guest room.

We tried going back to sleep, but then Meg decided it was time to wake up. It was 2:50. While up with Meg, I heard Cate cry in her room, which is really unusual for her. As soon as I got Meg back to sleep, I checked on her. She was out from under the covers, but everything seemed fine, and I think she was already back to sleep when I went in there.

I laid back down, but Chris woke me up at 5:20 because Cate was crying again. He got her and put her into bed with us since she was really upset. She’s never slept in the bed with us, and this morning was no exception. Chris’ watch beeped at 5:30 and he said the time out loud, and for the next bit, she kept repeating the time. At 6:00, I finally got out of bed when Meg woke up as well.

If that wasn’t bad enough, I let the dog back inside after Chris had let her out when it was dark, and realized that she was covered in the “results” of the bed fiasco. We hadn’t noticed it in the middle of the night. I had to wake Chris up to sit with the girls while they ate breakfast so I could bathe the dog.

We’re having people over this evening and right now, I’m exhausted! I hope I make it through. I’m sure we’ll have a good time though. I know we’re going to have a good meal.

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